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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

SGX (Singapore) REX INTL Stock Signals 9th April 2019

Daily Sgx Stock Recommendation

BUY REX INTL 0.080 TARGET 0.092 SL 0.072

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Monday, April 8, 2019


Daily Sgx Stock Recommendation

BUY GENTING SING 0.995 TARGET 1.144 SL 0.895 

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Singapore Hi-P International Ltd Stock Signals 1st April 2019

SGX Premium Stock Signals   

BUY Hi-P AT 1.6 TARGET 1.66 SL 1.55 CMP 1.6

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Asia: Most markets stocks upward push as Brexit deal assurance boosts hazard appetite

Most Southeast Asian inventory markets rallied on Tuesday, with Singapore leading good points, as sentiment across broader Asia lifted after the ecu fee agreed to changes in a Brexit deal, boosting urge for food for riskier property.

News that European fee agreed to further assurances in an up to date Brexit maintain British high Minister Theresa may, ahead of a vote within the British parliament, lent support to Asian stocks.

In early trade, MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares external Japan was once up 0.3 per cent, following a rally on Wall avenue overnight.

Singapore Stock index led the rally, leaping about 1 per cent to three,221.Ninety two, with with financial and industrial shares notching strong positive factors. "The STI fell zero.14 per cent to shut at a recent five-week low of 3,191.Forty two the day past, but may just regain the 3,200 resistance manage in these days amid renewed Brexit hopes and Wall avenue's restoration in a single day," OCBC said in a note.

Safe to eat oils manufacturer Wilmar international Ltd was amongst high gainers, up 1.6 per cent after signing a deal put up market hours on Monday to accumulate full manage of bread and spreads maker Goodman Fielder. Fiscal shares similar to United overseas financial institution Ltd and DBS group Holdings Ltd rose zero.9 per cent and 1.1 per cent respectively.

The Philippine benchmark ticked up, with industrial stocks largely riding beneficial properties. Index heavyweight SM Investments Corp edged up, while electric utilities provider Aboitiz fairness Ventures Inc rose 1.1 per cent.

Meanwhile, the nation's January trade information confirmed that exports slipped 1.7 per cent and imports grew about 5.8 per cent from the final year, widening the country's alternate deficit moderately. Vietnam's index evolved zero.7 per cent, with actual property stocks largely fuelling the index. Vingroup JSC firmed even as Vincom Retail JSC rose 1.6 per cent.

Malaysia's index rose, boosted by means of shares akin to aluminium company Press steel Aluminium Holdings Berhad which rose 2.6 per cent and lender RHB bank Berhad which brought 1.4 per cent. Thai shares also traded higher, as the power heavy index additionally benefitted from a leap in oil prices. Nevertheless,

Indonesia's benchmark was down zero.1 per cent, dragged down with the aid of material stocks, with paper products maker PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk slipped 5.1 per cent.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Using Technical to Make Trading Decisions in SGX Stock Market

Traders may think about a scope of both fundamental and technical indicators to pursue. Picking a progression of indicators shortlists stocks for you. It confines risk levels and growth applicants from the many companies in an industry.

Singapore Market Synopsis
Singapore Exchange (SGX) is among the world's biggest trades and Asia's second biggest recorded trade. As the Asian Gateway, SGX is the market of decision for financial specialists needing to take part in Asia's lively and quickly developing economies, and for Asian backers looking for worldwide capital. SGX's broad suite of securities, subordinates and wares items makes it Asia's most universal trade. SGX's administrations run from postings, exchanging, rapid market access, clearing and settlement to safe administrations and Central Counter Party administrations for OTC exchanged subsidiaries. With the area's longest exchanging hours, and fueled by front line innovation, SGX is the unparalleled channel for venture streams into and out of Asia.

Investing in Singapore stock market
  • Transparent government approaches and high political dependability
  • Asia's most worldwide trade with over 40% of organizations recorded on SGX beginning from abroad
  • Diversified economy - from money related administrations, tourism, to pharmaceuticals, coordination, petrochemical, and so on.
  • World's second and Asia's most creditworthy country
  • World's second free stream of capital and information
  • No capital additions tax
Top companies listed in the SGX
  • Singapore Airlines
  • SIA Engineering Company
  • Singapore Post
  • SMRT Corporation Ltd
  • Thakral Corporation Ltd
  • United Overseas Bank Ltd
  • Keppel Corporation Ltd
  • Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd
Why Use Technical Analysis to Trade
Technical Analysis enables clients to settle on choices in two different ways. One is by decreasing choices to be made, and another is by giving visual signs to alarm clients that a choice point is drawing nearer. Going about as a visual manual for brokers makes Technical Analysis a priceless instrument. Be that as it may, the trouble lies regarding basic leadership with data taken simply from the outlines. Technical Analysis is the perfect tool for reading the markets.There are numerous points of interest to utilizing Technical Analysis. It's fast, for the most part straight forward, and standards can be assembled effectively and outwardly. Be that as it may, exchanging beneficially as time goes on requires these specialized abilities to be enlarged with setting from something more strong. That "something" is generally organization financial or macroeconomic news and numbers. Indeed, even large scale news occasions can be a vigorous and important relevant diagram to have when exchanging.
Technical analysis involves two things: Identifying trends Recognizing support/resistance using price charts & time periods There is no perfect mix of technical indicators that will open a type of trading strategy. The mystery of effective trading is great risk management, discipline, and the ability to control your emotions. So it's always advisable to take help of an adviser who has a research team.
Using Our Technical Analysis:
Epic research has a strong team of Research Analysts and Mentors with combined experience of over 30 Years in international Markets. We provide research and Investment advisory services with high accuracy. Our proprietary Value investing methodology has helped retail and institutional investors beat the benchmark indexes. We provide services across the Singapore Stock Market .
We provide our traders with the following features:
  • We generate weekly 3-4 recommendations
  • Mid Term Holding calls with 2 to 3 days of holding
  • There will be 2 profit booking targets & 1 Stop Loss Given
  • Updates on important news & market review
  • Complete follow ups on recommendation and open positions
  • Global Market News and Updates
  • Daily Support & Resistance levels for STI
  • Global Market News and Updates
  • Online assistance via Whats-app and Telegram

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Options Trading Vs Stock Trading

Purchasing stocks is quite often a less unsafe system than purchasing options. When you purchase a stock, you are influencing an interest in an organization and you to can hold that venture uncertainly. You claim a bit of the organization for whatever length of time that you trust the hidden basics of that organization are certain and the stock cost will increment. Notwithstanding, when you purchase an alternative, your holding period is restricted to the date the choice lapses. In the event that you profit amid that day and age, fantastic. If not, you've lost the cash you contributed to buy the alternative and that is it.

What Are Options?
A Option is an agreement to either purchase a stock or offer a stock at a predefined cost amid a predetermined day and age. It's an agreement between two elements, so for each purchaser there is a dealer and the other way around. A call Option gives you the right (however not the commitment) to purchase the stock and a put alternative gives you the right (yet not the commitment) to offer a stock. You can either purchase or offer a call Option and you can either purchase or offer a put alternative. In the event that you are bullish available, you would either purchase a consider alternative or offer a put Option. On the other hand, in the event that you are bearish available, you would purchase a put alternative or offer a call Option. You don't have to possess the hidden stock to exchange the choice.
The benefit of exchanging options versus stocks is the utilization of use. You don't have to put as much cash with the end goal to take part in the development of a stock, either up or down. Every Option contract speaks to 100 offers of a stock and has an activity or strike cost and termination date appointed to it. Most choices terminate inside three, six or nine months. The strike cost relies upon the cost of the basic stock and differs as the stock cost varies. It very well may be lower or higher than the current market cost of the stock. The current market cost of the alternative is known as the "spot" cost. For instance: purchasing 100 offers of a stock exchanging at $100 an offer would cost you $10,000. Be that as it may, getting one alternative contract on that equivalent stock with a strike cost of $110 that lapses in a half year may just cost you $1000. These aren't real costs, yet you can perceive how substantially less should be put resources into request to take an interest in the development of a stock. (For related perusing, see: Options Basics: How to Pick the Right Strike Price.)

Purchasing Options and Selling Options
Purchasing alternatives is typically less hazardous than offering Options on the grounds that your misfortune is restricted to the sum you paid for that Options. Be that as it may, offering bare Options can really open you to boundless misfortune. (Offering stripped alternatives implies you don't possess the hidden stock.) There are numerous Options methodologies that utilization mixes of offering or potentially purchasing puts as well as calls and some are more dangerous than others. You would exchange Options in a Options record, and on the off chance that you exchange stripped alternatives, you would require an edge account also.
One of the less unsafe Option procedures is classified "secured call composing." For instance, you claim a stock that has expanded in cost however you would prefer not to offer it on account of the capital additions assessment or some other reason. Nonetheless, you likewise figure the market might go down and it could influence the stock cost. Along these lines, you offer a consider alternative against your stock and get a premium for that Option. In the event that the stock goes down, at that point the alternative will likely terminate useless and you keep the premium. Be that as it may, if the stock goes up in value, you may need to offer the stock if the purchaser of the call alternative activities his right. Before that occurs, you can repurchase the alternative and keep your stock, so your solitary expense was the distinction in the underlying premium got and the sum you needed to pay to repurchase the choice. (For related perusing, see: Cut Down Option Risk With Covered Calls.)
Presently suppose you offer an exposed call Option on XYZ stock when the cost of the stock is $100 however you think the cost is going down. Somebody purchased that Option from you since they thought the cost was going up. In this way, before the alternative terminates, the stock moves to $120. Presently the purchaser utilizes his call options to purchase the stock from you at $100. You at that point need to go into the market and get it for $120 and pitch it to him for $100. You've lost cash clearly, however the stock could have moved significantly higher so the potential for misfortune is boundless. On the off chance that you had claimed the hidden stock and sold that alternative, you could simply convey the stock to the purchaser of the Option as we talked about in the secured call composing precedent above.

Exchanging options isn't simple and should just be done under the direction of an expert who has the information as well as the involvement around there.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Singapore Stocks Watch : Singapore shares end higher on Wednesday

SINGAPORE shares shut higher on Wednesday, with the Straits Times Index up 0.8 for each penny or 24.75 focuses to close at 3,267.4.
Around 1.55 billion offers worth S$907 million altogether changed hands, which worked out to a normal unit cost of S$0.58 per share.
Gainers dwarfed failures 229 to 155.
The most effectively exchanged stock was SinoCloud Group, which fell S$0.001 to S$0.001 with 151 million offers evolving hands.
Different actives included ThaiBev and Golden Agri-Resources.
Singapore’s Equis Group appoints Damian Secen as partner

Singapore-headquartered Asia-centered foundation private value supervisor Equis Group has delegated previous senior overseeing executive of Macquarie's framework division DamianSecen as accomplice, it reported in a discharge. Secen has put in near 18 years at Macquarie working in their foundation assets and warning organizations in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. Most as of late, he drove the framework and genuine resources group situated in New York. Before that, he was head of foundation and utilities for the Australian market. "We are pleased that Damian has consented to join Equis.
He brings an abundance of framework and assets administration involvement in both created and creating markets," said David Russell, Partner and Co-Founder of Equis remarked. As of late, Equis Group likewise enlisted another accomplice, Mark Warner, to assume responsibility of administration elements of Equis, essentially raising support. Equis centers around creating and overseeing vitality and foundation resources through Equis-controlled neighborhood improvement, development, administration and operational groups.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Singapore Stocks Watch: STI resumes Monday at 3,118.42, down 0.5% on day
SINGAPORE stocks fell on Monday evening's exchanging resumption, with the Straits Times Index declining 15.97 focuses or 0.5 for each penny on the day to 3,118.42 as at 1.02pm.

Washouts dwarfed gainers 199 to 93, or around two securities down for each one up, as around 934.1 million securities worth S$394.7 million altogether changed hands.
The most effectively exchanged counter was Rex International, which increased seven Singapore pennies or 8.3 for each penny to S$0.09 with almost 75 million offers evolving hands.

Different actives included New Wave Holdings with 60 million offers exchanged at one Singapore penny each, and BlackGold Natural Resources with 25.3 units exchanged at 2.6 Singapore pennies each.

Dynamic list stocks by esteem included Golden Agri-Resources, which lost a large portion of a Singapore penny or 2 for each penny to S$0.25, and Singtel, which fell 3 Singapore pennies or 1 for every penny to S$3.10.

Singapore Stocks to watch: Keppel Corp, Keppel T&T, SPH, Vibrant Group, United Engineers
THE accompanying organizations saw new improvements which may influence exchanging of their offers on Monday:

Keppel Corp, Keppel T&T: Mainboard-recorded Keppel Corporation said early Monday that it has gone into consented to contingent arrangements to mutually create and work a high-accessibility server farm in Bogor close Jakarta with Indonesian combination The Salim Group. The assention was marked by Keppel and The Salim Group through the Alpha Data Center Fund (Alpha DC Fund), overseen by Alpha Investment Partners Limited (Alpha), and Keppel Data Centers Holding Pte Ltd.

Singapore Press Holdings: It has procured an arrangement of 14 reason assembled understudy convenience structures crosswise over six towns and urban communities in the United Kingdom for a money thought of about £180.5 million (S$321 million), it reported on Monday morning before the market opened. The structures, procured in a deal and buy concurrence with Unite Group plc, have an aggregate limit of 3,436 beds. They incorporate 10 freehold resources and four leasehold resources, and are situated in set up college towns and urban areas with extensive full-time understudy populaces, specifically London, Birmingham, Bristol, Huddersfield, Plymouth and Sheffield.

Lively Group: Eight backups of coordinations firm Vibrant Group are confronting a claim concerning a claim that they neglected to conform to certain installment and certification commitments, among others, under the fund reports identifying with a 500 million yuan (S$100.7 million) advance office for which they had given security. The suit was recorded by China Minsheng Banking Corporation Limited (Chongqing branch) in the Chongqing People's High Court against 12 parties, including eight of Vibrant Group's auxiliaries held through its completely claimed auxiliary Blackgold International Holdings Pty Ltd.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Stock Recommendation Singapore: Offer buybacks on SGX hit 35-month high in August

SGXSingapore Stock Watch:
Offer buybacks moved to a 35-month-high in August as exactly 43.6 million offers worth S$245.4 million were repurchased by upwards of 30 organizations, more than twice July's buyback thought of S$109 million.

A month ago's estimation of offer buybacks is additionally in excess of four times August 2017's aggregate thought of S$59.7 million, said bourse administrator Singapore Exchange (SGX) in a SGX My Gateway report.

DBS Group Holdings bested the rundown of offer buyback by esteem, gathering up 5.95 million of its own offers for S$150.8 million, or about 61 for every penny of the estimation of all offer buybacks in August.

Other record stocks CapitaLand, UOB, OCBC Bank and City Developments balanced the main five offer buybacks by esteem. The five organizations together represented about S$230.2 million, or 93 for every penny of August's buybacks.

Organizations purchase back their own particular offers for various reasons, running from their offers being underestimated to a craving to enhance budgetary proportions, for example, income per share. They likewise accept the open door when costs are low to purchase shares that can be reissued to senior administration as a component of their compensation bundle.

The Straits Times Index (STI) produced a three for each penny value fall in August as exchange strains between the US and China kept on putrefying and developing business sector monetary standards kept on debilitating.

Nine organizations began new buyback orders in August. These included City Developments, Stamford Land Corporation, Singapore Shipping Corporation, Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corporation and Japan Foods Holding among others.

A comparative number of stocks started buyback commands a month ago.
HRnetGroup posted the biggest buyback thought by a non-record stock in August. The Singapore-headquartered enrollment office, which has organizations crosswise over Asia, purchased back 2.4 million offers for a thought of S$2.2 million.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Singapore Stock Watch: Singapore stock market shut 0.7% down on Tuesday

Singapore Stock Watch: Singapore stocks finished 0.7 for each penny higher on Tuesday, with the Straits Times Index rising 21.93 focuses to 3,247.55 at the end chime.
The field was generally equitably coordinated, with 194 gainers to 206 washouts, as somewhere in the range of 1.30 billion offers worth S$872.7 million altogether changed hands.
The most effectively exchanged counter was Nico Steel with 161.33 million offers exchanged, multiplying in cost to end at 0.2 Singapore penny. Different actives included Noble Group with 74.6 million offers, down 14.09 for each penny to 12.8 Singapore pennies, and ThaiBev with 46.84 million offers exchanged, down 2.34 for every penny to 62.5 Singapore pennies.
Dynamic stocks included DBS, up 0.83 for each penny to S$25.40, and OCBC Bank, up 1.95 for every penny to S$11.48.
Singapore, Chongqing associations in infocom and media get a lift with new store
A NEW store will be set up to help joint efforts between organizations in Singapore and Chongqing, China in infocommunications and media (ICM), covering advancements, for example, man-made consciousness, Internet-of-Things, virtual and increased reality, mechanical autonomy and blockchain innovation.
The China-Singapore ICM Joint Innovation Development Fund, for undertakings to be together created and executed in either nation, is one of the activities under an update of comprehension (MOU) marked by Enterprise Singapore and Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore with Chongqing Economy and Information Technology Commission. Different regions of collaboration incorporate helping Singapore ICM firms enter Chongqing and creating shrewd areas in Chongqing.
The MOU was one of a few marked on Tuesday between different associations under the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Connectivity Initiative (CCI) for joint efforts in segments, for example, data and interchanges innovation, budgetary administrations, tourism and medicinal services, at the second day of the FutureChina Global Forum and Singapore Regional Business Forum 2018.
Different MOUs secured, for example, the foundation of a Chongqing development place for ICM little and medium ventures, which will give an arrival point to Singapore firms entering the city.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Free Trading Seminar in Singapore| STI Investment Outlook

Singapore Event
Dear Partners and Traders,

Epic Research Pte Ltd is organizing FREE Trading Seminar in Singapore.

Singapore: Measuring The STI Breadth - Investment Outlook

Date : 3rd September 2018

Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Followed by Dinner)

Venue: TKP Confrence Center, Singapore
Address: TKP Confrence Center, 55 Market St, #03-01, #09-02 Raffles Place, Singapore 048941

Register now for free seminar -

2018 started off on the bearish note given the changing dynamics of global financial markets. Trade War has been escalating while currency war is not anymore impending but a reality. The Face-off between the US and China has its own ripples effect on other Asian economies. There has been a lot of volatility that has hit the Asian markets because of Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. The indices have taken a hit while value erosion is seen in blue chips in the last few months.

There are timing models and tactical methods that can be deployed using a top-down approach and optimize the investment return. Relative comparisons and analysis help identifying the outperformers that will ride the next stock market investment opportunity.

We will discuss various aspects of Financial Market to help you out to make a better Investing / Trading decision and giving your investment an edge during these volatile times.

1) What major events and markets risks will affect the Index in Q3 2018?
2) What strategies can be used to optimize the return on investment?
3) Passive and Active Trading Strategies, Which one you should follow?
4) Dynamic and Tactical Asset Allocation for Q3.

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